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Harkány Dentál
Harkány Dentál
We see our patients in the center of Harkány, in a pleasant environment. We are at your service on every work day from morning up until the early evening hours. While you have your vacation in Harkány, we prepare the necessary dental care.
Harkány Dentál
Harkány Dentál
Our senior doctor and our excellently trained assistants have decades of experience. The dentistry has a very modern diagnostic equipments and the current technology. We provide the following services: Aesthetic fillings, porcelain and zircon crowns, bridge prosthesis, removable dentures, combined procedures and implantation.

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Harkány Dentál
Our complex services are available for our patients in a friendly and calm environment in excellent quality. To learn more about our services, please choose from the menu bar the treatment you are interested in and click on the name of the service. If you would like to book an appointment for any treatment please scroll down and follow the instructions.

We speak besides Hungarian English, German and Croatian, so there are no language difficulties if you choose us.
Harkány Dentál
Harkány Dentál

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Harkány Dentál Harkány Dentál Harkány Dentál
If you decided to choose our services, book an appointment with our online system and our colleagues will contact you shortly for clarification. To book an appointment, please fill out your name, e-mail address, phone number and choose a date from the date selector. If all the data is filled out please click on „Book the appointment” button and we confirm your request in email and our colleagues will contact you. We are looking forward to see you soon in Harkány!
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