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The aim of present privacy policy is to regulate the principles and rules of usage of the personal and any other data which were made available or provided at to the website operators (TRIO-M Szolgáltató Betéti Társaság, 7815 Harkány, Kossuth u. 36., 20107185-1-02)

The effect of Present pivacy policy is limited to data requered to the usage of the webpage and provided to the data magagement, the provisions do not apply in the event that someone voluntarily makes his personal information or a part of it public by this webpage or through it.

Some Some of the services of can only be used by preliminary and voluntary data service (for example.: contact form, appointment reservation). By voluntary data service users can provide data that are pivate data according to the Act 63. of 1992 n the protection of the public data of personal data, therefore this act shall prevail on handling such data.

The following data shall provided by the user voluntarily in the contact form (on a voluntary basis, to use this service, however, is essential) on
name of the user “Please enter your name here,” - the person writing the message (visitor of the page, user)
e-mail address “please enter your email address here,"
phone number “and your phone number here.” - not a mandatory field to use the service
"When would you like to arrive” - the user can choose respective dates name of the user “Please write your name gere,” - the person writing the message (visitor of the page, user)
e-mail address “please enter your email address here,"
phone number “and your phone number here.” - not a mandatory field to use the service
"Please write your message here” - the user`s message to the data manager, the site`s operator

Personal data are defined as "any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person and concludions deductible from the data. The personal data will retain that status during the data processing as long as the relationship can be restored with the person concerned. A person is considered especially identifiable -either directly or indirectly- if he can be identified by name, identification number or by any physical, physiological, mental, economic, cultural or social identity factors.

From the given data provided by the user by using the services, only the name and e-mail address are considered as personal data in some cases (for example the name , e-mail address, telephone number are real). When using this webpage the hosting service provider might receive data ont the users’ internet usge (for example. IP-address etc.), which are not managed by the data manager; in this case the hosting provider’s data management guidelines apply.

The aim of data management is to facilitate communication with the users, to provide certain services in specified cases, as well as making communication via newsletter service possible.

The data manager is not managing any particular personal data, If users publish on the webpage such data for any reason or the users bring it the data managers knowladge or record such data, the data manager is entitled to delete it immediatley.

User have the possibility to send messgages through the webpage. In the messages it is possible to ask personal or general questions in order to get a response from the co-workers of Harkány Dentál – as data manager and operator . We ask the users not to provide further personal information after registration and after filling out the application form ; in cases further personal data is needed, these can be only provided by contacting personally (phone, email, consultation).

If the user provides personal data desipite the above, the data manager considers it as the aproval for data managament was given and also the data management reserves the right to delete such data immediately.

By using the webpage the user expressly consents to the management of his data by the data manager .

The data management should Az Adatkezelő tries to take all reasonable measures for the security of computer systems it uses, in particular to prevent unauthorized access to data stored on the site, however it states that computer systems containing the web page is maganged by the hosting provider who is responsible in this regard.

The user can request information on his data management, as well as he can request the corrention or deletion of his data. For the users request the data manager provides information on the managed data, on the aim, period and legal basics of the data management and on the data managers name, address and activity , further more on who received data and for what purposes . The data management shall respond to the request asap, but no later than 30 days in writing. The user can request amendment and correction of his data any time.
Please send your request on further inormation to

Privacy Identifier: under process

Contact person responsible for data management: Dr. Melegh Judit

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