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Free general dental health check

This examination is a general oral health check with oncological checkup, which is recommended annually.
We examine the state of the teeth, gingival and dental restorations. On the occasion of the general check you can always consult with our doctors about the treatments needed. We also make the digital x-ray right away if necessary.
Ingyenes állapotfelmérés
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Production of X-rays

With our digital panoramic X-ray equipment we prepare digital intraoral radiographs of individual teeth and digital panoramic radiographs, so we get a picture quickly and easily about the condition of the upper and lower jaw at the same time.


A dental implant is a surgical component that interfaces with the bone of the jaw or skull to support a dental prosthesis. With implants you can forget your old removable prosthesis. The basis for dental implants is a titan implant which can be viewed as artificial tooth root. Thanks to the implants we can stabilize the old removable dentures, or even- replace them. Implants are a great solution to avoid grinding the neighboring teeth to make a bridge. 
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Fixed dentures

Fixed dentures are crowns and bridges which cannot be removed from the mouth. Fixed dentures can only be set on properly prepared, polished teeth or implants. These restorations are made of metal or metal-free ceramic zirconia ceramic that can meet any the highest aesthetic standards as well.
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Removable dentures

Removable dentures  are prosthesis, which can be removed by the patient himself/herself. We prepare these prostheses of plastic or plastic combined with metal.
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Dental fillings

We restore the integration and aesthetics of which suffered decay or any trauma.
Fog- és foggyökér eltávolítás

Tooth and root removal

Unfortunately in cases, where the tooth has a poor condition or the tooth is inflamed, we cannot save it  and the tooth (or root) has to be removed. The procedure is done under local anesthesia, in which we strive causing minimum inconvenience to the patient.
Fog- és foggyökér eltávolítás

Root canal treatment

Pulpitis cause can cause a big amount of pain. To treat it we remove vascular and nerve formulas, than we clean the root canal and we close it with filling. These procedures are called root canal treatment and root canal filling with which we avoid the removal of the tooth.
Gyökércsúcs resectio

Root apex resection

When the root canal treatment is not enough to save the tooth (for example in case of cyst) we apply root apex resection. Before the procedure we always do a root canal filling.
Gyökércsúcs resectio
Fogkő eltávolítás ultrahanggal

Tartar removal with ultrasound

Tartar develops on the effect of dissolved minerals from saliva and plaque on the teeth and is an excellent ground for bacteria. These bacteria are responsible for the inflammation, gingivitis and periodontal diseases
We remove the tartar almost painlessly with the so-called ultrasound depurator, than we polish the tooth’s surface. On this smooth surface it is more difficult for tartar to develop again.

Tooth whitening

Many people are looking for bright, white smile. Smoking, drinking coffee, etc. can trigger discoloration of the teeth, but with tooth whiting the teeth can get back their old glow. It is important to know that only health or properly filled teeth can be whitened. 
Fogékszer felhelyezése

Dental jewelry

You can wear jewelry on almost every part of the body and the teeth are no exception. Tooth jewelry is typically affixed to the top in the second tooth on the upper dentil. The jewelry is made of precious metals or stones, which are really special and can brighten your smile.
The procedure is quick and painless.

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